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Magic Sleeping Flower

Magic Sleeping Flower, 10yearsflower,Valentines best gifts
Magic Sleeping Flower, 10yearsflower,Valentines best gifts

Sleeping Flower is a real flower preserved using frozen technology which will respond to moisture. The buds will close when in contact with moisture and bloom when it's dry. These flowers can last for years and will not wither or die so it's maintenance free. 

Q: Why the flower do not die?

Sleeping Flowers are being processed under frosting technology in order to lock the moisture within the flowers


Q: How frequent should I water the flower?

Sleeping Flower is recommend to be sprayed1-3 times a month.


Q: How long can the flower last without watering?

The flower do not die if you don’t water it more than a month or two. Frozen Flower requires minimal water supply. It can survive with minimal air humidity.


Q: Will the flower grow longer or grow more?

No. Sleeping Flower will not grow longer or grow more. It has been frozen as it will not further grow.


Q: Do I need to place the flower under the sun?

No. This is an indoor plant. The Sleeping Flower does not require direct sunlight.


Note: Not to expose to sunlight directly for more than 10 mins, otherwise flower will get burnt.


Q: Can I keep the flower in air-cond. room?

Yes definitely.


Q: Can I place the flower in my office?

Yes definitely! Sleeping Flower are meant to be hassle free & modern living for home and office decoration!

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